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Woodside Introduction

approaching Woodside from Slip End showing Plough Baptist Chapel and housing Mar 2007
The view approaching Woodside from Slip End, showing the former Baptist chapel and other housing - March 2007

It is likely that the original settlement of Woodside occurred through clearing the northern end of Caddington Wood (hence its linear shape), probably by squatters seeking land and dwellings outside the Manor at some time in the early Middle Ages. Most of the settlement stands on higher ground between two parallel valleys. The squatter development of Woodside continued into the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as Caddington Manor Court rolls indicate [CRT130CAD1].

In 1892 an ecclesiastical parish| of Woodside was created from Caddington. This parish pertains only to the Anglican church and has no local government implication - it might be said to be the church equivalent of the civil parish| of Slip End. Woodside continued to be part of the civil parish of Caddington| and was the responsibility of Caddington Parish Council (latterly called Caddington & Slip End Parish Council). On 10 Oct 2000 a new civil parish, and thus a new parish council, of Slip End was formed and Woodside now [Mar 2007] forms part of this parish.