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Nonconformity in Woodside

former Woodside Baptist chapel Mar 2007
former Baptist chapel in Woodside in March 2007

Woodside Nonconformist Chapels

Woodside Baptist |Church was built in 1862 but nonconformity, Baptists in particular, had a longer history in the village. The archive of the Archdeaconry |of Bedford [ABN1/1, ABN1/2 and ABN2] has two registrations of buildings for nonconformist worship. The first, in 1811, is for an unspecified nonconformist group. Those registering John Rossell, the minister, Joseph Gostwick, William Underwood and William Jackson and the premises used is the house of William Plummer in Woodside. The second registration was for a Baptist chapel in 1828 when those registering were Ebenezer Daniel, the minister at Castle Street Baptist Church in Luton from 1812 to 1830, William Bigg, William Clark and Francis Harrison and the building registered was the dwellinghouse occupied by William Bigg in Woodside. This small chapel is now a private house.


Woodside also had two Methodist chapels, though there are no records for them in Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service. Woodside had both a Wesleyan |(built 1842) and a Primitive| (lasting from 1845 to about 1858) chapel.