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List of Southill Vicars

 Southill church east window March 2008 detail of Good Shepherd
Southill church east window March 2008 detail of Good Shepherd

The first known owner of the advowson| for All Saints church was Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford by reason of his wardship of John, son and heir of Walter de Treilly. The advowson was granted to Newnham Priory in 1250 and after the dissolution of the priory it reverted to the Crown. In 1681 John Kelyng was patron, then the Byng family, then the Smyth family and finally the Whitbread| family who still own it.

 Southill church chancel south window March 2008 detail of Virgin and children
Southill church chancel south window - detail of Virgin and children March 2008

Between 1797 and 1867 the living was united with that of Old Warden. Since 1994 Southill and Clifton have shared an incumbent. Each parish, however, retains its own parochial church council and officers and holds its own services

 Southill church from the road by the graveyard
Southill church from the road by the graveyard

  • Robert: c.1160/70;
  • Peter de Topesfeld: 1225 [subdeacon; admitted Rector to a third part of Rectory];
  • William de Arkeden: 1229 [subdeacon; to a third part of Rectory; vacant by appointment of Peter de Topefeld to another benefice];
  • John de Lond': 1250 [to a third part of Rectory];
  • William de Sutton: 12th August 1265 [priest; ordained vicar];
  • Richard de Goldington: 22nd April 1273 [priest; on death of William];
  • John de Norton: 26th February 1294 [subdeacon; on death of Richard];
  • William de Lobenham: 28th February 1313 [on death of John de Norton];
  • Simon Edibern;
  • Reyner de Brampton: 16th July 1333 [on death of Simon Edibern];
  • Robert de Southwyk: 17th January 1341 [on resignation of Reygner de Brampton];
  • John Baxtere: 11th September 1349 [of Woodford; priest; on resignation of Robert];
  • John de Hemyngburgh: 6th May 1356 [priest; on resignation of John];
  • Simon Tirel;
  • Thomas Basset: 9th October 1390 [priest; on resignation of Simon Tirel, exchanged to Rectory of Stilton [Huntingdonshire]];
  • Hugh Davy: 27th July 1395 [of Biddenham; priest; on resignation of Thomas Basset];
  • William Tauntot: 23rd February 1396 [priest; on resignation of Hugh Davy];
  • Ralph Gerveys;
  • Thomas Wendy: 4th August 1435 [priest; on resignation of Ralph Gerveys];
  • John Goldington: 12th August 1450 [capellanus; on resignation of Thomas Wendy];
  • John Shawe: 27th October 1457 [priest; on resignation of John Goldington, exchanged to Rectory of Ampthill];
  • John Sleford: 12th May 1460 [priest; on resignation of John Shawe];
  • John Goldsmith: 13th August 1475 [on death of John Sleford];
  • John Bendbowe: 3rd October 1476 [on resignation of John Goldsmith];
  • Robert Hawnes: 20th May 1477 [on resignation of John Bendowe];
  • Richard Churche: 4th October 1485 [priest; on death of Robert Hawnes];
  • Thomas Raynes LLB: 20th November 1533 [on death of Richard Churche];
  • Thomas Best [clerk; buried 9th August 1537]
  • Henry Daves: 9th February 1562 [clerk; on resignation of last incumbent; presented 13th October 1562; value of the living £11/5/-];
  • Thomas Irlande: 31st May 1566 [clerk; on resignation of last incumbent];
  • Thomas Harvye: [clerk; buried 5th September 1566];
  • John Abbys AB: 12th August 1580 [presented on resignation of last incumbent];
  • William Ridge: 30th June 1586 [clerk; presented on death of last incumbent; buried 28th December 1597];
  • Edward Foxcrofte AM: 7th January 1598 [of Brasenose College, Oxford; on death of last incumbent];
  • John Bostocke BA: 27th April 1598 [of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge; on death of last incumbent; living sequestered 15 Jan 1597];
  • Thomas Bickley BA: 1st October 1612;
  • John Snell: 1634;
  • William Taylor: 29th January 1640 [clerk; vacant; his wife Alice was buried 25th April 1643];
  • Oliver Thorogood: 1650s [clerk];
  • Thomas Laurence AB: 9th April 1662 [clerk];
  • Thomas More MA: 11th October 1667 [clerk; on cessation of Thomas Laurence; ordained priest 6th March 1663 by Gilbert Sheldon, Bishop of London; buried 1st February 1681; married Mary Iremonger at Southill on 12th December 1643, she was buried 9th October 1656];
  • Michael Sheldon MA: 1st March 1681 [ordained priest 6th June 1680 by James Fleetwood, Bishop of Worcester; on death of Thomas More; married Sarah Hale at Campton on 18th February 1706; in plurality with Langford; buried 22nd November 1710];
  • Samuel Bedford AB: 19th October 1711 [on death of Michael Sheldon; in plurality with Henlow from 1727 and Langford];
  • Laurence Smith MA: 11th March 1752 [on death of Samuel Bedford];
  • Laurence Smyth MA: 10th January 1770 [on cessation of Samuel Smyth];
  • John Smyth MA: 24th April 1800 [on death of Laurence Smyth];
  • Frederick Hervey Neve MA: 3rd May 1816 [on death of John Smith];
  • John Gerard Andrewes Baker MA: 27th May 1843 [on death of Frederick Hervey Neve; resigned 28th February 1867];
  • Charles Baldock BA: 29th March 1867;
  • John Alexander Guillebaud: August 1894;
  • Charles Harold Bond: January 1908;
  • G.H.Jones: June 1916;
  • Edward Kingsford Venner: 1919;
  • William Wing Carew Baker: August 1924;
  • John William Adams: May 1931;
  • Thomas Wailes Griffiths: March 1949;
  • Charles Wheatley Patrick: 1952;
  • Frederick Ginever: 1960;
  • Herbert Ralph Cousins: 1970;
  • Henry Maurice Jenkins: 1971;
  • Michael Gay Bourke: 1978;
  • Michael Redfearn: 1986;
  • J.Kenneth Dixon: 1994;
  • Mark-Aaron B.Tisdale: 2005

Volume 81 published by the Bedfordshire Historical Records Society (2002) is devoted to returns made during episcopal visitations| to the county by the Bishop of Lincoln in the early 18th century, edited by former County Archivist Patricia Bell. The returns, made by the vicar, throw an interesting light on the state of the church in the parish at the time. In 1712 Samuel Bedford, the new vicar reported: "The Vicar resides in his Vicarege [sic] House. None come to church Un-baptized. Saveral not Confirmed. Divine Service twice every Lord's day...Communion 4 times a year. Of 500 Communicants not above 40 receive".

In 1717 Bedford reported: "Publick service is performed every Sunday in the church once, not twice, unless in the summer season, because I also serve the cure of Langford. 'Tis also read every Wednesday and Friday and Holiday...I administer the sacrament four times a year. I have between forty and fifty communicants and I Believe fourty [sic] did communicate last Easter".