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Clophill has two hamlets, Beadlow and Cainhoe. A third, Moddry  or Moddri is given in the records of Beaulieu Priory before 1146 and may be spurious. Beadlow is first recorded in 1254 as Beaulieu and its Latin form Bello Loco meaning "beautiful place". 

Beadlow Manor probably originated from land held by Azelina, wife of Ralph Taillebois in 1086. Interestingly the tenant, Thurstan, had an Anglo-Saxon name and may have been tenant of the owner before the Conquest, Wulfric. The holding was described in Domesday as being in Cainhoe. The medieval manor grew out of Beaulieu Priory, a cell of St.Albans Abbey, founded by the de Albini family around 1140. The abbey continued in existence until 1428 when it was closed and absorbed by the Abbey as the number of monks had fallen very low and the buildings were in disrepair. The site, in the field immediately east of Top Farm, was excavated in the 1960s.

The Abbey at Bello Loco had held Beadlow Manor and this passed directly to St.Albans Abbey in 1428, remaining their possession until the Dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. In 1553 Edward VI gave it to Sir William Fitzwilliam who divided it amongst his children on his death in 1558. The Manor was reunited by Richard Chernock (of Hulcote) by 1585 and it was held by the family until the mid 18th century when it was sold to Lady Amabel de Grey and remained in the family and its descendents, the Lucas family of Crudwell into the 20th century. The manor house in Beadlow was not on the site of the present Beadlow Manor golf and country club but immediately to the north-west of Beadlow Cottage.