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Caddington Baptist Union Chapel


Caddington Baptist Chapel 
The chapel in Luton Road in March 2007

This chapel was built in 1846 and a Sunday School building was added at the rear in 1889, but baptists at Caddington go back much further. In the papers of the Archdeaconry of Bedford [ABN1/1, ABN1/2 and ABN2] are two registrations of meeting places for Baptists. The first is by Ebenezer Daniel, William Rudd, Thomas Mead, William Bolton and James Smith in 1813 and is for the house of George Evans, the second by Ebenezer Daniel, David Barber, Francis Harrison and Samuel Davison in 1824 for the house of James Bingham. Evenezer Daniel was the Baptist minister at Luton from 1812 to 1830. In 1837 Castle Street chapel in Luton opened for a congregation of 47 Baptists and Caddington, along with other outlying villages was administered from here.

In his pamphlet H.C.Bunyan [pamphlet classification 170] notes that at some time before 1874 the chapel at Caddington was almost completely rebuilt. He notes that Davis' History of Luton recorded the original chapel as having cost £150, whereas the rebuilding cost £230. In 1887 land at the back of the chapel was donated by a Mr.Simmons and two years later a Sunday School built on it was opened.

H.C.Bunyan  became assistant superintendent of the chapel in 1928 and superintendent in 1932, at this time Sunday School attendances were 60 to 70 in the morning and 30 to 40 in the afternoon. In 1943 renovation work was undertaken including under pinning of the chapel and erecting a pillar in the chapel to help bear the weight of the upper school room.

In 1986 Caddington became independent of the mother church in Luton and at the same time the church was given a modern extension. At the time of writing [Mar 2007] the church remains open for public worship.