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Aley Green introduction


House in Aley Green March 2007
A house in Aley Green - March 2007

Aley Green is a hamlet in the civil parish| of Caddington. It is likely that the original settlement of Aley Green occurred through clearing woodland, perhaps by squatters seeking land and dwellings outside the Manor at some time in the early Middle Ages. By the late 18th century no green remained at Aley, although it is referred to in the 17th century, it may well have stood in the triangular area created by the junction of Piper's Lane and Mancroft Road running south.

Like the rest of the parish it has been in both Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in its time. The most recent boundary change occurred in 1965 [BLARS reference CDR75] when the hamlet was brought entirely into Bedfordshire. Up to that point two segments of the hamlet lay in Hertfordshire. The first segment was enclosed by a rough rectangle running Mancroft Road - Markyate Road - the footpath leading from the bend of Piper's Lane to Markyate Road - the footpath from the bend in Piper's Lane to Mancroft Road at the north-west corner of the Methodist Church. The second segment included the properties on the west side of Piper's Lane including Rose Cottage, Easter Cottage, Sunnyside and Boundary Cottage. Both these segments are now inside Bedfordshire.